Investor Benefits of Having a Public Adjuster


Whenever people discuss real estate properties, what is mostly envisioned is a picture-perfect house that boasts a spectacular facade and spotless kitchen.

However, as a real estate investor, you must know better than that. Most homes that are for sale and commercial properties left unoccupied have been damaged either by natural calamities like hurricanes and storms or by unauthorized break-ins resulting in vandalism. 

The Real Scenario

Based on the National Association of Realtors, unoccupied or distressed home sales comprise roughly 17% of home sales from 2013. Is it still possible for a distressed property to sell? The answer is “yes”.

Take this as an example; a property that’s in excellent condition will likely retail at a higher price. In this case, how can a real estate investor repair homes that had been damaged without losing a large chunk of their start-up investment? This is exactly where a Public Adjuster comes in. 

How can a Public Adjuster help Real Estate Investors?

Public Adjusters are licensed professionals who are experts in processing, filing, and negotiating insurance claims for damaged homes and properties.

They handle the aggressive and meticulous tasks of compiling extensive inventories of damaged items and furniture and act as the mediator between the insured (which, in this case, is you as the real estate investor) and the insurance provider.

By seeking the services of a Public Adjuster in handling insurance claims on distressed properties, you can go back to your main business which is selling and marketing the property.

The Public Adjuster will be the one to take care of the rigorous business of negotiating with the insurance company in order to get the proper claim payment that can cover all damages.

By processing insurance claims in a fast and efficient manner, you can have your property investment restored in top condition without wasting a significant amount of time.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Professional Representation

Perhaps the strongest benefit you can get from hiring a Public Adjuster is that you can be spared from the stressful process of claiming for insurance coverage.

A Public Adjuster can provide you with proper and professional representation so you won’t have to negotiate with your insurance provider on your own. This can spare you a lot of time and energy so you can focus on other tasks. On top of that, a Public Adjuster can help you maximize your insurance claims so you can get a fair and better settlement.

Professional Advice

As a real estate investor, you must know your top allies in business. Ideally, you would need to seek the advice of a Public Adjuster prior to taking a deal in order to identify the best type of insurance that’s suitable for the property.

Alongside a professional team that specializes in restoration services, a Public Adjuster can also help you identify whether a particular property is a viable investment or not. Your allies can help you in calculating the risks and in identifying the potentials of the investment.

No Outright Fees

Lastly, Public Adjusters don’t charge outright fees. This means that consultation and services are free until such time that you get paid by your insurance provider. That’s the only time that you need to pay them. In the event that you don’t get paid by the insurance company, you don’t have to pay them as well.