Resources for Real Estate Investors: Find Real Estate Deals

There is no specific formula that can guarantee that you would be a successful real estate investor. It’s all about finding the right deals and knowing how to play your cards well.

Every thriving real estate investor must have a handful of marketing campaigns and promotional work plans running at any given time and opportunity.

By all means, the secret to finding great deals is to diversify your marketing efforts. In this way, you can expand your overall reach and manage to stay ahead of the competition. 

Learn to Explore the Options

The major challenge when it comes to marketing is identifying which options will work for you and which ones will not. Most investors find direct mailing, FSBO, and bandit signs to be highly viable options while others prefer to explore social media and other networking sites to find similar or better deals.

However, the best and most effective way to generate consistent and reliable leads is by way of finding that ideal combination of all techniques for your market. By doing so, you can explore all options and have the best of both worlds.

Managing Your Territory and Focusing on One Area at a Time

Finding the best deals in real estate means that you would need to run the extra mile and learn to think outside of the box. You must also be willing to check out other areas and opportunities that more experienced real estate investors would not bother to check.

Moreover, you have to learn how to explore the market in ways that your competition isn’t. How are you going to do this?

First, you have to hone what works within your area and what doesn’t. Identify your target market and study the trends within that territory.

Second, research for various marketing strategies and test them in your area. And lastly, carefully create a master plan and come up with resources and options that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Sources of Real Estate Deals for Start-Up Investors

Here is a list that offers several marketing ideas and strategies that can help you generate good real estate deals.


Facebook and almost every social media platform have proven to be highly capable in marketing and advertising to a mass audience.

It can also be considered as the easiest, most convenient, and cost-effective means to market your business to a broader group of people. Exploring this idea and the opportunities it offers can help you secure valuable and secure leads. 

Realtors and Other Real Estate Professionals

You may view other real estate investors as competitors in the market especially those who are within your market area. Still, real estate investors are encouraged to think of other like-minded professionals as potential contacts, friends in business, and valuable sources of information rather than competitors in the field.

In fact, every person you may cross paths with could be a potential lead or source of referral. Therefore, it helps to maintain a network of other realtors and other real estate professionals as your contacts. 

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are the 18 x 24 signs that you commonly see in popular downtown areas, neighborhoods, and major intersections. What makes them good marketing strategies is that you can purchase a large number of signs for a reasonable price.

You can also have complete control over the signs. Keep in mind that less information written on the sign is always more effective because people driving past them don’t have much time to process the information even if it’s located in a less busy area.

A basic message such as “we buy houses” along with a contact number is all it takes. Check for the restrictions within the area before posting a sign.

Newspaper Ads

Not long ago, newspapers were the primary source of information for anyone who’s looking for a real estate to buy, sell or rent. The decrease in the popularity of newspaper ads doesn’t imply that they’re meaningless and irrelevant.

Newspapers are a good niche when it comes to generating leads since a lot of investors are likely ignoring these ads. A newspaper ad will allow you to reach out to those who are selling their properties on their own or FSBO so you can initiate direct contact with them.